Sean Beld currently lives in Corvallis, OR where he is studying for his MFA at Oregon State University. His poems have appeared or are forthcoming in the journals Cartographer, The Whole Beast Rag, and Stone Highway Review, among others.

Madeline McDonald is a senior and an English major focused on Creative Writing at the University of Mary Washington.

L.B. Lane is a conglomerate of contradictions and superstitions with only a hint of internal structure that leans more towards absurdity. His writing is a mixture of the lighthearted and bittersweet, while often removed in insight. L.B. will graduate from UNCW this spring with a BFA in Creative Writing.

Sarah A. Foote is a senior who will graduate in the spring of 2013. She is an English major with a concentration in Creative Writing, and who has eclectic interests, such as volunteerism, karaoke, drinking coffee at all hours, dancing, bowling, tie-dyeing, road-tripping, and hanging out with her loved ones. When she grows up, she wants to have a Fennec Fox as a pet and, on a more realistic note, would like to make enough money to continue doing what she likes to do: writing and helping people.

Nazifa Islam grew up in Novi, Michigan.  Her poetry and paintings have appeared in a number of publications, including Anomalous Press, From the Depths, A Baker’s Dozen, and Flashquake.  Her debut poetry collection is forthcoming from Whitepoint Press.  She frequently updates her blog Thoughts Interjected and is currently pursuing a Master of Fine Arts at Oregon State University.

Emily Montgomery is a senior at the University of Mary Washington majoring in English and Geography. She likes thrift stores, Waffle House, and late-night adventures, among other things.

Thomas C. Burgess is a 24 year old poet from Richmond, Virginia. His poems are meant to raise questions about society, control, desire, and self-discovery. More of his poems can be read at

Karla Cornelio is a 21 year old pessimist living in Fredericksburg, Virginia. He believes that all interpretations of his art are meaningless/meaningful.

Janine Marinelli